Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Commercial Trucking Companies

In any industry that involves manual labour, accidents and injuries are unfortunately not uncommon. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that just a decade ago, the fatal injury rate of the trucking industry was more than 7 times higher than the overall workplace average.

Prevention through safety training and protocols are the most important measures companies can take, but what happens when an unfortunate incident arises? To insure your company and your staff, employers in the commercial transportation industry should know about workers’ compensation insurance. 

Why do commercial trucking companies need workers’ compensation insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance offers medical, disability, and rehabilitation benefits for employees who have experienced injury resulting from accidents that occured due to their work. Workers’ compensation may also pay death benefits to the workers’ dependents if the employee is killed in a work-related incident. 

It also helps trucking and delivery organizations with liability for employee’s workplace injuries and keeps employers from paying directly out of pocket for those injuries. Insurance coverage may lessen the risk of substantial financial loss in the event that a trucking employee is harmed while completing tasks at work. 

What Are The Injury Risks To Truck Drivers?

Understand the risks that truck drivers in the transportation industry face. Many of the injuries experienced by truck drivers are musculoskeletal problems, as drivers can spend long hours in a seated position, which is then followed by strenuous labor when loading and unloading the goods. The movement from sitting to heavy-duty activity can lead to tears, sprains, and muscle strains, among others. 

Depending on the vehicle type, drivers may also experience injuries from getting in and out of their vehicle. There is an increased risk of slips and falls when the weather is inclement. 

Unpredictable weather conditions, unforeseen traffic hazards, reckless motorists, and other unexpected perils pose several risks to drivers.

How Do Trucking Companies Find Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Handling workers’ compensation risks requires a multi-pronged approach. Companies must provide inclusive health and safety training to their employees. New drivers must be properly interviewed and screened to make sure they have the qualifications and experience to operate the company’s vehicles. Companies must also implement rigorous safety protocols that drivers can enact and carry out in risky situations. 

In terms of workers’ compensation insurance, companies should consult with experienced agents to determine the best coverage for workers’ compensation. Given the process of filing claims and receiving coverage, the best insurance agencies will consult management on best practices for risk mitigation and loss prevention.

Workers’ compensation should also offer a program that allows workers to return to work with the opportunity to fill adjusted roles. As the employee heals, they will be given tasks within their physical or mental limitations, helping to keep recovering staff members engaged with the company as they return to full capacity. 

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