SWAN Transportation Consulting: Your Very Own Hands-On Personal Advisors

In addition to helping you source the best insurance coverage for the lowest premium, our specialized team can help you boost safety scores, hire better drivers and more.

Below is a glimpse at how SWAN can help:

DOT Compliance Reviews
Are you under an audit? We can help meet compliance!

Achieve Satisfactory DOT Ratings
Are you looking to achieve a satisfactory DOT rating? Whether from conditional or none, obtaining satisfactory for you is our goal.

Improve SMS Scores
Tired of paying enforcement settlements, higher insurance premiums or other penalties? Through analysis, monitoring CAB resources and telematics, SWAN helps you and your fleet implement corrective action plans that improve SMS scores and more.

Driver Qualifications Files
From the hiring process to ongoing training, the SWAN team can help you qualify and equip new hires to best conform to safety standards protocols.

Vehicle Inspection Files
While we are not certified mechanics, we know what officers will look for during each of the three levels of inspection. The SWAN team can help you maximize compliance with your fleet.

Claims Handling
Nobody wants to be in an accident. Here at SWAN, we can hold your hand through an event – whether it be a new incident or an ongoing case prior to being with us – because your safety is in our best interest!

Would you like to learn more, have questions, or need help? Contact us today!