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Local Delivery/Amazon Relay/Amazon DSP

Auto Liability

Our Auto Liability can file with the FMCSA to activate your MC# and DOT# Authority

Commercial General Liability

We cover the General Liability at great rates. This coverage is for injuries or damaged caused outside of a vehicle.

Amazon Compliance

We have helped dozens of contractors reach compliance with Amazon and build profitable businesses

Amazon Compliant Insurance

We help our clients get started as an Amazon contractor as an Amazon DSP, with Amazon Relay or Amazon Freight.

We cover :

Auto Liability – $1,000,000

General Liability – $1,000,000 Each Occurence/$2,000,000 Aggregate

Cargo – $100,000

Trailer Interchange – $50,000

Workers’ Compensation – $1,000,000

We work to find the most cost effective package for you.


We have compiled market rates to help estimate your insurance liability and inventory insurance costs. There are many factors that go into your rates, one of our experienced representatives will work to negotiate the best possible terms for you.

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About Us

S.W.A.N. Insurance is built on a passion for small business.

The owner, Chris Mahlberg, grew up with both of his parents operating small businesses. He saw firsthand how important good insurance is when there was a $1,000,000 claim at his Dad's business that would have bankrupted the business and the family. This dedication to protecting small business owners is woven into the fabric of the company values.

Our Values


Honesty is our #1 value, our customers and carriers rely on us to provide accurate information. Because we are honest and transparent, we ensure the best possible rates and experience for our clients.


We put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand the risks their businesses face and tailor their policies to best fit their needs and budget. If you have a claim, we treat it as if our business has a claim.


We will search out and find best combination of price, coverage and service available in the marketplace. We work in advance to get as many possible options available- leaving no stone unturned.


We will be there with you during the tough times- claims, audits, renewals, changes to your business or industry. We will always be there for you.

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If you don't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us!

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