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We work closely with both local and long haul trucking companies helping them to efficiently meet their insurance requirements (MCP65 or DOT Filings) for Auto Liability, Physical Damage, Cargo (including Reefer Breakdown), Umbrella Liability, and Trailer Interchange Coverage. We leverage our carrier relationships to get the best possible premium rates. One of the largest costs for our truckers is Auto Liability insurance. We do all the work on our end to improve claims handling, keep CAB Scores Down, run MVR reports to screen for driving activity or inexperienced drivers, and provide a safety program to avoid future claims. Short on time? Our team works quickly to get you covered and get your certificates out as soon as possible.

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This is the most expensive coverage, and is required by FMCSA. We work to get you the best coverage and keep you compliant with your brokers and contracts.


When that load is waiting on insurance, you need a broker that cares about your business. We are here to help and have the technology to be able to get the fastest certificates on the market.


Our team is here to make sure your drivers are compliant and vehicles are maintained to keep your safety scores low and avoid any Out of Service violations on the scales.


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What coverage do I need?
Truckers have to carry at least $750,000 in Auto Liability coverage, and most contracts require $100,000 in cargo coverage. We work with you to understand your contract needs and tailor the best insurance solution for your business.
How long will it take you to bind my policy?
Some of our policies are bound in 24 hours. Some higher risk clients can take longer as we spend time negotiating the best rates from our underwriters. As soon as we bind we send out certificates and the ICC filings to the FMCSA or state MCP65 filings to the DMV.
How large is the insurance network with S.W.A.N. Insurance?
We work with over 100 different trucking specific carriers across the country. We have close relationships with companies that can give special pricing due to our experience.
What can we do to get a lower rate?
We can work with you to find out how to improve your rating factors: Driving Record, Commodities Hauled, Distance Hauled, Garage Location, Limit of Liability Coverage Desired, Type of Operation, Condition and age of equipment. Our agency works closely with you to best represent your business in the insurance marketplace.
What can I do if I have claims, or a bad CAB Score?
When you are considered a high risk trucking company, you need a broker on your side to fight for the best rates available. Most companies can consider accidents or some driving violations if they are explained correctly.
Is it possible to purchase insurance with a DUI or not so good driving record?
Yes. We go above and beyond to build a proper policy for just about any driver. Depending on your driving record, the premium can be higher than usual and we will spend a proper consultation time and negotiate with the underwriter to make sure the economics make sense and the price is reasonable.

About Us

S.W.A.N. Insurance is built on a passion for small business

The owner, Chris Mahlberg, grew up with both of his parents operating small businesses. He saw firsthand how important good insurance is when there was a $1,000,000 claim at his Dad’s business that would have bankrupted the business and the family. This dedication to protecting small business owners is woven into the fabric of the company values.

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