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Restaurants/Bars cannot open without proof of appropriate insurance, and most states require liquor liability insurance coverage for bars and restaurants to obtain liquor licenses together with General Liability & Assault and Battery.

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We help restaurants/entertainment centers/bars and nightclubs get the liquor liability and assault & battery coverage they need.


We help our clients keep their costs low while maintaining the coverage they need. Changing some policies to premises liability only.


Many restaurant owners do not double check their policies to see if they have spoilage and equipment breakdown. We read through all the details to make sure you are covered correctly.


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If a bar patron were to slip and fall in the bathroom and sustain an injury, what type of Insurance would cover the incident?
General Liability. If he or she might sue the bar and the property owner. The general liability policy would provide coverage for these claims and would aid in defending them in court.
There is fire may erupt in a restaurant kitchen, what type of Insurance would cover the incident?
Property insurance provides coverage for damage to the property leased by the business owners.
What types of Insurance do I need if my restaurants/bars sell Alcohol?
It is important to have Liquor Liability coverages if your business sells or serves any types of alcohol beverages. Personal injury and property damage caused by intoxicated people often result in lawsuits against all parties even remotely connected to alcohol consumed. The cost of legal defense alone can easily run over $100,000. Therefore, it is required by landlords who rent premises to businesses for your own protection.
Does Liquor Liability Insurance protect my restaurants/ bars from lawsuits from actions of toxicated customers?
Yes. Your bar or restaurant can be held liable and sued in the event that a patron you served became intoxicated on your premises and caused damage, including acts of violence or negligence such as drunk driving. If you are sued because of the actions of one of your customers, liquor liability will protect you from the potentially devastating financial loss.
What are the coverages of Liquor Liability?
A liquor liability policy will cover attorney’s fees, damages, incidents that occur off premises, coverage for assault and battery, and coverage for specific incidents such as fights, stabbings, shootings, etc.
In case of physical conflicts between multiple people, what type of Insurance would cover that?
Assault and battery. It provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage arising from certain violent acts and actions by security staff. Without specifically adding assault and battery insurance, you could find yourself with a costly lawsuit.

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