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We work closely with both residential and commercial contractors helping them to efficiently meet their insurance requirements for General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Inland Marine, Builder’s Risk and Pollution Liability. We leverage our carrier relationships to get the best possible premium rates. One of the largest costs for our contractors is Workers’ Compensation. We do all the work on our end to help expedite claims handling, investigate fraudulent claims, keep Ex Mod figures low, and avoid audits with our Payroll Reporting or PEO options, some that are $0 to start. We also help contractors with COVID19 or Coronavirus Workers’ Compensation questions.

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Workers’ Compensation is expensive. We help coordinate payroll reporting and avoid any big audit bills


Have you had a check held because of a certificate? We work hard to get your proof of insurance into the right hands ASAP. Including having any waivers of subrogation


We shop over 80 different insurance carriers to compare the best offers on the market


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I am a roofing contractor, what kind of Insurance do I need?
General Liability Worker Compensation, Equipment/ Property/ Inland Marine, Commercial Auto, Bonding/ License and Permits, PEO. At S.W.A.N. We can help you obtain all of these coverages at the best pricing possible by leveraging our wide network of carriers and our relationships.
Why is Workers’ Compensation for the Roofing Industry more expensive and harder to obtain than other industries?
Workers’ Compensation Insurance for roofing contractors is one of the largest expense items, next to labor and materials. Most states require Workers’ Compensation insurance before they will allow the roofing contractor to obtain licensing. Due to the hazardous nature of roofing, many insurance companies avoid this class of business or provide policies with limited coverage. Therefore, roofers believe their only option is to go with State Fund and agree to pay a higher rate. Now there are other options, and at S.W.A.N., we help our contractor clients save up to 40% on their rates.
How do S.W.A.N. Insurance helps Roofing and General Contractors get out of State Fund and qualify for a lower rate?
There are almost 100,000 roofing contractors operating in the U.S., with over 285,000 employees. Many roofing/GC companies have a hard time finding workers compensation coverage outside of their State Fund Pool because a lot of standard markets don’t offer coverage for roofers. That’s why we’ve worked with several of our best companies to create a target program to help roofers qualify for a lower rate.
What are the benefits to your Workers’ Compensation Program?
We work with A rated insurance companies to form a group policy with the best in class contractors. We work for you to make sure you qualify for the program and reap the benefits: Competitive Rates/Reduced Overhead, Bundled Coverages, Easy Payroll Reporting, Less hassle on yearly audits.
What are the factors that would help me lower my Worker Compensation rate and How do I get qualified for the program?
Having a good X-mod, clean claim history, professional website are one of the main factors to help you lower the rate. However, to get qualified, it’s very important to work with a brokerage that has experience in this specific field to assist you with the supplementation process and negotiations.

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S.W.A.N. Insurance is built on a passion for small business

The owner, Chris Mahlberg, grew up with both of his parents operating small businesses. He saw firsthand how important good insurance is when there was a $1,000,000 claim at his Dad’s business that would have bankrupted the business and the family. This dedication to protecting small business owners is woven into the fabric of the company values.

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