Routine Construction Danger

An often overlooked aspect of the construction industry is the demolition of existing buildings and properties – people are vaguely aware that it happens and is necessary, but they have no idea the scale or the complexity that goes into demolitions. Demolition alone accounts for $7 billion within the greater construction market, with nearly 300,000 […]

Full Coverage For Construction Equipment

So you think you’re fully covered, but then… You have just purchased a shiny new Bobcat when the first day on the jobsite, one of your employees takes it on a side hill and the Bobcat tumbles down.  After two to three rolls, your equipment is in a heap at the bottom of the hill […]

Understanding Trucking Misclassification and Workers’ Compensation

Semi truck on the road

Let’s face it, a bad accident with an eighteen-wheeler on a hectic highway can be a disaster for everybody involved. Your transportation business is complicated and needs specialized commercial truck insurance based on the type of trucks you operate, the type of cargo you haul, and the distance you travel. With the right insurance plan, […]