Understanding Assembly Bill 5 for California Trucking Companies & Drivers

Some say that the “road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The California Trucking Association says that “gasoline has been poured on the fire that is our ongoing supply chain crisis,” following a decision by the United States Supreme Court to deny challenging California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB 5) law. This article provides an […]

Understanding Dairy Transportation Risks And Trucking Insurance

Dairy is an important aspect of nutrition for many Americans who consume butter, cheese, and milk on a daily basis. Dairy transporters need agricultural trucking insurance coverage to mitigate the risks of loss, theft, or damage that are unique to hauling livestock and animal byproducts.  Note: This article is for informational purposes and is not […]

Specialized Insurance For Spas And Coolsculpting Clinics

Cities all over the coastal southlands of California consistently rank among the top cities in the country in everything from money spent on clothing to time spent getting ready to get out of the house. It should be no surprise then that we’re also home to some of the highest concentrations of beauty spas and […]

Understanding Insurance For Medical Spa Services And Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

Many medical spas provide non-surgical aesthetic treatments designed to achieve the client’s desired changes in their physical appearance. However, it is possible that the client may not receive their desired result; in some cases, they can even have an adverse reaction to the treatment. As such, there are various risks to operating a medical spa […]

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance – What You Need To Know

For older individuals and those who have certain disabilities, arranging to get to doctor’s appointments or medical treatments can get tricky. Since they are unable to drive themselves or use public transportation, they depend on family members or caregivers to shuttle them back and forth. Much of the time, schedule conflicts get in the way […]

General Liability For Subcontractors

For many small business owners, the need for General Liability insurance seems pretty murky, at best. Subcontractors that provide specialized services for general contractors might not see a need for it, considering they do most of their work for the GC that hired them rather than working for the client themselves. This view is wrong […]

Workers’ Compensation Insurance & Risk Management For Construction Businesses

The California Department of Industrial Relations states that “[…] California employers are required by law to have workers’ compensation insurance, even if they have only one employee. And, if your employees get hurt or sick because of work, you are required to pay for workers’ compensation benefits.” Workers’ compensation insurance is extremely important for both […]

The Next Generation of Truck Drivers

While the supply chain crunch has disappeared from the news, its effects continue to wreak havoc across the country. Empty shelves, rising prices for goods across the board and billions in lost profits due to shipping delays and material shortages are hitting consumers and companies alike, culminating in a strange and precarious economic environment where […]

International Trucking Requirements To Operate Between Mexico And The United States

In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) opened up trade across the continent, between Canada, The United States, and Mexico. Commercial trucking companies have seized growth opportunities ever since, expanding their businesses cross-border. Many motor carriers transport goods far beyond the border to their final destination. There are many differences between the United […]

Intermodal Container Transit and UIIA Insurance Compliance

In the early stages of the cargo shipment industry, transportation was mostly used to ship finished goods for export from one country to another. Over time, advancements in computing and the standardization of shipping containers allowed companies to also use cargo shipping to source components from around the world, allowing manufacturers to lower their shipping […]