How Has COVID Changed The Insurance Landscape For Apartments And Nightclubs?

Three years after Covid first touched down in the United States, things have finally begun to settle down enough for a coherent analysis of the long-term ramifications on the economic landscape to be made. While normalcy has returned to a number of different aspects of life, quite a few industries have experienced radical changes to […]

Large Truck FMCSA Insurance Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) exists to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone, including the general public. Working with federal and state enforcement, the FMCSA sets forth regulations to ensure commercial motor vehicle safety compliance.  Standard auto insurance does not provide coverage […]

What Insurance Do I Need To Offer An Airport Shuttle Service?

Whether you own a hotel and are looking into creating a shuttle service to provide guests with a convenient method of transportation or are an enterprising individual looking to start a profitable business, shuttle services are a relatively low-cost option that can provide quick returns. Transporting passengers involves a fair amount of risk, however, and […]

Why Your Logistics Company Needs To File Insurance Claims Early And Often

While most trucking company owners and operators prefer not to think about it, getting in a destructive incident on the road is highly likely to be a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’. Transportation comes with a significant amount of risk that is only increasing over time, and it pays to have the education and […]

How To Start An NEMT Business

As the population in the United States continues to age, the Non-Emergency Transportation (NEMT) market is growing alongside it. Aging, chronic conditions, and any number of environmental factors are all contributing to the estimated 9.0% compound annual growth rate for the industry, and many are looking to get in on an industry nearly doubling in […]

Requisitos del seguro de logística transfronteriza

Aquí en California no somos ajenos al tráfico comercial transfronterizo. Desde la aprobación del TLCAN, allá por 1994, el comercio con México se ha incrementado en un 506%, alcanzando más de 600.000 millones de dólares en mercancías que van y vienen anualmente. Esta cifra astronómica puede desglosarse midiendo el tráfico de vehículos comerciales que realizan […]

Cross-Border Logistics Insurance Requirements

We here in California are no strangers to cross-border commercial traffic. Since the passage of NAFTA way back in 1994, trade with Mexico has increased by 506%, reaching well over $600 billion worth of goods being shuttled back and forth yearly. This astronomical number can be itemized by measuring the commercial vehicle traffic performing their […]

Cumplimiento De Las Normas De Envíos En La Frontera De Estados Unidos Y México

Si es una empresa de transporte comercial con sede en los Estados Unidos que transporta carga transfronteriza a México, es muy importante que entienda las consideraciones de seguro del envío transfronterizo, así como el cumplimiento de la legislación internacional. Este artículo no es una lista completa de requisitos legales y de seguro para enviar carga […]

Understanding United States & Mexico Border Shipping Compliance

If you are a commercial trucking company based in the United States that hauls cross-border freight to Mexico, it is important that you understand the insurance considerations of cross-border shipping as well as compliance with international law. This article is not an exhaustive or complete list of the legal and insurance requirements to ship freight […]

Livery Insurance For Commercial Limousine, Black Car, and Luxury Transport

Enthusiasts and connoisseurs of limousines and luxury vehicles may be excited to know that BMW is expected to build an ultra luxurious limousine that will be the manufacturer’s first official armored electric car. It appears that in addition to green technology, automobile manufacturers are pushing the frontiers of innovation by developing solutions to the physical […]