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Every business is faced with the arduous task of managing their risk. Most business owners get basic insurance, what they need to meet contractual requirements. Basic insurance is not enough for high risk industries! S.W.A.N. Insurance risk managers provide clients relief by completing comprehensive risk analysis for business owners. Then, S.W.A.N. leverages relationships with underwriters to navigate the insurance marketplace, leaving no stone unturned. S.W.A.N. makes it easy for business owners to Save Time, Save Money, and Sleep Well at Night!

OUR Insurance Specialties

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Equipment Insurance

We will work closely with your business to provide the coverage that suits your needs best no matter the equipment. A member of our team has many years of experience with equipment of all sorts and knows the needs and worries of business owners.

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Property Insurance (Apartments)

We specialize with apartment buildings, mixed use buildings and buildings with claims or brush risk concerns. We can take on even the most difficult insurance issues that apartment owners may face, and provide tailored solutions for investor portfolios

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Workers' Compensation (Contractors and Truckers)

We navigate the Workers' Compensation market and find solutions to insure difficult classes like roofing, or general contractors. We work with you to improve safety, lower your ex-mod and lower your rates.

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Local Delivery/Amazon Relay/Amazon DSP

We specialize in the final mile. Our markets offer the best rates for fleets of all sizes when it comes to parcel, bulk furniture delivery and appliance delivery. We secure the right coverage required for contracts with Amazon, XPO, JB Hunt and many other 3PL's in the last mile space.

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Restaurants Bars & Nightclubs

We work closely with our hospitality clients to get them the best coverage and rates in the market. We insure clients for liquor liability, assault & battery and employment practices to meet demanding insurance needs.

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Trucking, Hotshot & Fleets

We insure long haul trucking, reefer trucking, sand & gravel hauling business owners with fleets from 1 to 100+. WE process all filings with the FMCSA and act as your compliance partner, keeping your trucks on the road

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    Client Success Stories

    Here are some of the user stories and case studies that we are proud to share with you


    Nightclub bar manager was attacked by patrons. Over $500,000 in injury and PTSD cost resulted in a Workers’ Compensation ex-mod over 200


    Found them a carrier that understood the internal changes they made to avoid future injuries. Saved them over $40,000 annually on their premiums.


    Trucking Client had a major accident not covered because the driver was not listed on the policy – losing over $50,000 out of pocket paying legal costs and damages.


    Now we have a policy that covers all drivers (even unlisted). We added technology to instantly add new drivers and check their driving records free of charge.


    Insurance is filled with gotchas! Insurance policies are designed to clearly state what is covered and what is not covered. However, many carriers use vague wording to allow legal grounds to deny claims. S.W.A.N. has the deep knowledge to navigate the insurance marketplace and fights for their clients with every claim. Here are the top ten reasons that a claim may be denied.

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    About Us

    S.W.A.N. Insurance is built on a passion for small business.

    The owner, Chris Mahlberg, grew up with both of his parents operating small businesses. He saw firsthand how important good insurance is when there was a $1,000,000 claim at his Dad's business that would have bankrupted the business and the family. This dedication to protecting small business owners is woven into the fabric of the company values.

    Our Values


    Honesty is our #1 value, our customers and carriers rely on us to provide accurate information. Because we are honest and transparent, we ensure the best possible rates and experience for our clients.


    We put ourselves in our client’s shoes to understand the risks their businesses face and tailor their policies to best fit their needs and budget. If you have a claim, we treat it as if our business has a claim.


    We will search out and find best combination of price, coverage and service available in the marketplace. We work in advance to get as many possible options available- leaving no stone unturned.


    We will be there with you during the tough times- claims, audits, renewals, changes to your business or industry. We will always be there for you.

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